Several times a year, the program speaker offers workshops.  Participants must sign up and pay for workshops in advance.  The non-refundable payment is due upon registration.  If a member finds she cannot attend a workshop, the Program Chair may be able to provide names from the waiting list.  However, it is the responsibility of the participant to find a substitute workshop attendee and work out payment arrangements. Substitutions are not the Program Chair’s responsibility.

In addition to the workshop fees, there is a list of supplies and equipment needed for workshops.  Some presenters offer kits, at an additional fee, containing hard-to-find supplies.  To encourage members to host out-of-town speakers in their homes, the hosting member receives a free workshop for housing the speaker.

Members are reminded that, in order to make workshops feasible, full or near-full participation is necessary.  Many speakers include workshops as a condition of their contract; therefore it is imperative to fill the workshops we offer.  Past workshop participants, from beginner to expert, agree that every workshop offers something worthwhile.

Scheduled Workshops: