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(a not-so-brief explanation of the policies, practices and programs of the Konza Prairie Quilters Guild)

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Monthly Meeting – Konza Prairie Quilters Guild meets the 2nd Monday of each month at St. Thomas More Catholic Church, 2900 Kimball Ave., Manhattan, KS. Social time starts at 8:30 a.m.; the general meeting starts at 9 a.m. We have approximately 160 members; about 80-100 attend any given meeting.

Schedule – The first hour to hour and a half consists of business items, announcements, door prizes, reports from committees and show and tell. Following a refreshment break, a speaker presents the program. The meeting usually ends about noon. Some speakers offer workshops in the afternoons and/or the following day.

Dues – Guests are welcome to attend KPQG meetings twice before they are expected to join. Dues are $35.00 per year and include membership plus 12 Opportunity Quilt tickets. Dues pay for newsletter costs, speakers and other expenses.

Membership – Membership is open to all who are interested in quilts and quilting. There is no proficiency exam! Anyone at any skill level may join. Some members never quilt at all – they just love quilts. There are no childcare arrangements available on site; therefore, bringing children to meetings is discouraged.

Membership Directory – A directory is compiled each year listing members’ phones, address and emails. Other items include officers’ names, program schedule, by-laws and policies, and general information. These directories are provided to paid members at no additional cost. For security reasons, members’ personal information is not published over the internet; therefore, the directory is the best source of information about the guild.

Membership Card – Paid members receive a dated membership card, which is good at some quilt and fabric shops for a discount. Ask at individual stores for details and availability.

Guild Library – See the separate section on the web site explaining the guild library and containing a list of books and videos. The 25 cent monthly fee goes to purchase more library materials, as does $1 of each member’s yearly dues. Librarians will choose and purchase a book which is donated to the Manhattan Public Library as a memorial gift when a member dies.

Block of the Month – A pattern will be printed in the newsletter each month. Anyone interested may make that month’s pattern and bring the block to the meeting for display. Names are entered in a drawing and one person will win a fat quarter of fabric. Everyone retains her own blocks.

Challenge – One member coordinates a challenge project each year. The coordinator determines the rules of the challenge, which may include restrictions to color, fabrics, theme, block pattern, size or any other restrictions. A deadline date will be set by which the projects are due. Generally the projects are then judged by that month’s speaker and prizes are awarded. There is a nominal fee to sign up for the challenge project.

Workshops – Several times a year, the program speaker offers workshops. Participants must sign up and pay for workshops in advance. The non-refundable payment is due upon registration. If a member finds she cannot attend a workshop, the Program Chair may be able to provide names from the waiting list. However, it is the responsibility of the participant to find a substitute workshop attendee and work out payment arrangements. Substitutions are not the Program Chair’s responsibility.

In addition to the workshop fees, there is a list of supplies and equipment needed for workshops. Some presenters offer kits, at an additional fee, containing hard-to-find supplies. To encourage members to host out-of-town speakers in their homes, the hosting member receives a free workshop for housing the speaker.

Members are reminded that, in order to make workshops feasible, full or near-full participation is necessary. Many speakers include workshops as a condition of their contract; therefore it is imperative to fill the workshops we offer. Past workshop participants, from beginner to expert, agree that every workshop offers something worthwhile.

Newsletter – The “Konza Prairie Pointer” is published the fourth Monday of each month by KPQG. The newsletter keeps members up to date on all guild activities. The newsletter is published on-line and also sent by e-mail to members who have internet access. A paper copy is mailed to the rest.

Members are encouraged to watch the newsletter for numerous announcements, deadlines and interesting tidbits each month. Deadline for newsletter articles is the 3rd Monday of each month. Classified ads are accepted for quilt related items and services. Rate is 10 cents per word with a $2.00 minimum.

Small Groups – Several small groups meet for informal sewing outside the regular monthly meeting. They are:
Fourth Monday – This informal sewing, eating and visiting groups meets from 9:30-2 on the 4th Monday of every month at the clubhouse of the townhouses on Rockridge Court (off Westbank Way on Manhattan's west side).  Call Margie Young to sign up for a salad to share if you wish to have lunch. The group is open to all members and guests, and you may come and go at any time.

Thursday Group – This group meets every Thursday from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. at the Riley County Senior Center, 412 Leavenworth, Manhattan, KS. Most of the time participants bring their own projects to work on. Once a month a group project is arranged for fund raising efforts. Group projects will have all or most supplies provided. Most weeks participants bring a sack lunch; on the last Thursday of each month, everyone brings potluck to share. As with Fourth Monday, this is a come-and-go event, flexible to each person’s schedule.

Other small groups may be privately arranged.
Bus Trips – At least once a year we try to arrange a bus trip to an out of town location; some years we visit a quilt show and other times a quilt exhibit, for example at a museum. One member-at-large takes charge of the arrangements. Registration and payment in advance is required. Watch the Konza Prairie Pointer for further details.

Nametags – Members are encouraged to wear a nametag to general meetings so we can get to know each other better. To further encourage participation, door prizes are given each month to randomly-drawn members – but only members wearing nametags may win. On the website is a KPQG nametag pattern, but any hand-made nametag is acceptable.

Refreshments – Refreshments are provided at each monthly meeting. Eight members’ names are published in the newsletter each month. These members are expected to bring refreshments that month. If a member cannot fulfill this obligation, it is her responsibility to find a substitute and trade months. The order of the list goes backwards through the alphabet; each member’s name comes up about once in 18 months.

Meeting Cancellation – If USD 383 cancels school due to inclement weather, we cancel our monthly meeting. Monthly meetings are not cancelled for regularly-scheduled school holidays.

Opportunity Quilt – Each year members produce an opportunity quilt for which tickets are distributed. Every member receives 12 tickets with payment of yearly dues. These tickets may submitted with the member’s own name or other persons’ names. Members are encouraged to take pictures or the quilt itself to other gatherings where additional tickets may be offered to friends and acquaintances. Donations are accepted at the following rate: $1 for one chance; $5 for 6 chances. The Opportunity Quilt is the major fund raising project each year, allowing guild the budget to bring in national speakers. The drawing for the quilt is held at the December meeting.

Volunteers – There are many volunteer opportunities within guild. Besides officers, there are many helper positions, including librarian, refreshment committee, greeters and others. Members are reminded that the Guild operates on volunteer efforts and everyone is encouraged to take part in one or more activities each year.

Service Projects –KPQG's current service project is "Quilts from the Heart." We are making 150 quilts for the Crisis Center and Emergency Shelter in Manhattan. An average of 150 children are served by the center each year, and our goal is provide each of them with a quilt of their own. Quilts are made in various sizes for boys and girls from infancy to teen. These are not intended as bed quilts, but rather "cuddle and comfort" quilts. Funding for the service project comes from donations and from our annual "Trash to Treasure" auction, for which members clean out their sewing rooms and donate items to the guild, which auctions them off to other members to stock their own sewing rooms (reduce/reuse/recycle/reap benefits, if you will.)

Officers’ Board – The KPQG board meets the 3rd Monday of the month at Java, a coffee shop in Aggieville. The meeting starts at noon; come at 11:30 to purchase your own lunch. Members are welcome to bring items to the attention of the board.