Quilts from the heart

Quilts from the Heart is the primary philanthropic activity of the Konza Prairie Quilter's Guild. The guild provides 150 small comfort quilts annually to the Crisis Center. The program began after the guild took a bus trip to the Houston quilt show in 2003. The guild had $203 expense money left over. Rather than divide that money between the 43 guild members who went on the trip, members decided to use the money as seed money for a new project. In December of 2003 Bonnie Olsen made a presentation to the guild's board, and the board approved.

With the seed money, profits from the guild's annual garage sale and auction, and gifts of supplies from local businesses, the guild members began sewing quilts. Donations of more fabric, batting, and other supplies came in to the guild from the community. In 2004 the guild gave 150 quilts to the Crisis Center, and never looked back.

The guild has given 150 quilts to the Crisis Center every year since. Some members use their own fabric, some use the kits and fabric the guild has bought or been given by the community. Some members only make tops, some members practice machine quilting, some make entire quilts. Bonnie handed the project over to Cathy Cholick, who in turn has passed the torch to Mary Corah and Karen Spaeth.